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In the field – Autumn 2018




The Amarna Project has just finished its latest season of fieldwork, partly funded by the Amarna Trust.

The programme saw work done at the Great Aten Temple and the desert cemeteries, and included conservation and study of material from both sites held in store in the magazines. No excavation was undertaken at the temple; instead the regular team of builders continued with the plan to mark the main outlines of the building in new stone blocks. This involves returning the surrounding ground level to what it had been in Akhenaten’s time. A re-examination of the foundations in front of the stone pylons confirmed that they belong to a staircase that must have led up to a platform located between the pylons. Four weeks of excavation were also conducted at a small pit-grave cemetery, likely to contain a few hundred graves, in the desert c. 600m southwest of the North Tombs (the North DesertCemetery). For photos of the work, visit the Project Facebook page.