Amarna Trust
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Objectives of the Trust

The objects of the Amarna Trust are:

To advance public education and to promote the conservation, protection and improvement of the ancient city of Tell el-Amarna, Egypt and the surrounding area for the benefit of the public in particular but not exclusively by:

i) creating a permanent facility for study (the research base – The Amarna Centre);

ii) undertaking and supporting field research (and publishing the useful results of such research);

iii) promoting training in archaeological field skills;

iv) providing, and assisting in the provision of, lectures and publications in furtherance of the stated objects;

v) developing displays and exhibitions at a site museum for the benefit of the public and an educational outreach programme for the benefit of pupils at schools; and

vi) working in partnership with the Supreme Council of Antiquities of Egypt to maintain the ancient city for the benefit of the public.



  • New Fundraiser: Extending the Amarna magazine

    Help the Amarna Project improve storage and study facilities at the Amarna Research Station



  • New Journal of Egyptian Archaeology report

    Now out: a preliminary report on some of the research and excavation at Amarna in 2017/18 in the Journal of Egyptian Archaeology.